Zeta Test Management Online documentation

The project structure

All information is stored inside a project ("Test project"). A project is a complete unit that completely resides within one single folder in the file system (all documents and attachments, as well as the database file itself).

You can create an infinite number of projects, each with as many test plans, test cases, etc. as needed.

Depending on your personal preferences, you can either put the test plans of multiple products to test into one project or use a separate project for each one.

Please note:
We recommend that, for multiple, non-related products, you put each product into a separate Zeta Test project. If a project gets too large, you run the risk of losing track of the project as a whole, which could lead to negative effects on performance.

You can create and open an infinite number of projects from within Zeta Test.

In addition, Zeta Test enables you to import test cases from one test project into another test project. This is useful when you want to merge or split projects.

If you want to edit multiple Zeta Test projects simultaneously, start a new Zeta Test instance for each project.