Zeta Test Management Online documentation

Project settings

You access the project settings by clicking the "Settings" menu item in the "Project" menu.

Project settings are directly written into the project database of the project currently loaded, partially also directly into the configuration file of this project (stored in the root folder of the project).

Project settings therefore only apply to one project and are - independent of the user who is at that moment logged in - the same for all users.

Please note:
Please be very careful when configuring project settings. Changes of the project settings can have various impacts; e.g. if you change test results you could accidently change the meaning of complete test runs.

"Settings" tab

Entries in the "Project configuration file" section are not stored in the database but rather in the project configuration file "ZetaTest.ztproj". The value of the field "Alternative connection string" is set automatically when moving the project to Microsoft SQL Server.

Please note:
Usually all values in property grids like the one on the "Settings" tab are written in bold if they contain non-standard values that have been modified by the user. Non-bold values indicate standard values.

"More settings" tab

On the "More settings" tab you configure if and how you want the project to connect to an external bug tracker database system.

If a bug tracker database system connection is configured, testing users can automatically and semi-automatically create entries into the bug tracker database system upon erroneous test results.

Please note:
The bug tracker database system is not a component of Zeta Test, but will be purchased separately from the vendor of the bug tracker database system itself and installed and configured by your administrator. He is the one who can tell you the appropriate settings to configure in Zeta Test in order to successfully connect to the bug tracker database system.

"Description" tab

Use this tab to enter a description of the project: you may phrase the description as you like.

The description appears in no other place of your project and is solely intended to allow you to record internal notices: e.g. project-relevant information that is important to remember.

"Test results" tab

Zeta test displays cumulated test results as traffic light colors in the structure view of the main window. Therefore results of child elements are being propagated to parent elements, resulting in each node in the tree showing the complete state of the respective branch.

That said, Zeta Test is aware of the fact that different scenarios exist and must be fulfilled. Therefore, you are able to configure the test results in a very flexible way.

The tab "Test results" enables you to create as many test results as you require. These can later be used by users when carrying out tests.

Please note:
Even though you can define an unlimited number of test results, you have to assign one out of three traffic light colors (green, yellow, red) to each defined test result in order for Zeta Test to always be able to correctly cumulate test results.

"User tools" tab

Use this tab to configure new menu items that will appear in the "Extras" main menu. This is helpful when you want to launch related external resources from within Zeta Test in a simple and effective manner: e.g. navigating to an URL or launching Windows Explorer.

Optionally use placeholders, see chapter 9.2.

Example 1

Windows Explorer := $(SpecialFolder.Personal)

This opens Windows Explorer and goes directly to the folder with your personal documents.

Example 2

Visit Microsoft website := http://www.microsoft.com

This would open your standard web browser and navigate to the Microsoft website.

"Attachments" tab

Use this tab to store attachments that are "global" for the project.

The attachments are being used at no other place in the project and are intended to provide another option to include information into the project.

"Attributes" tab

Use this tab to add global attributes to the project.

If an element in the structure view in the main window tries to access an attribute, this means that a search higher up the inheritance hierarchy was unsuccessful and that it is now using the global attributes as a last resort.

"Information" tab

This tab shows read-only internal information.

The tab is e.g. useful when you want to examine details during resolving of errors.