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Welcome to the Zeta Test Management user’s manual!

Zeta Test Management is an intuitive-to-use test management environment/software tool for performing tests, including Black Box and White Box Tests, Regression Tests or Change Management Tests for software release changes.

Zeta Test Management helps you to plan, perform, log and document tests, as well as supporting you when evaluating and interpreting results.

Create and manage your test cases and test plans with Zeta Test Management. Test your software with test scripts that you created with Zeta Test Management.

That said, Zeta Test Management is not designed to function as a tool for performing automated Unit Tests. Instead, Zeta Test Management helps you to manually create test cases and then perform and document those test cases manually.

About this manual

This manual contains an introduction to the Zeta Test application and the most important functions, as well as different usage scenario examples about when and how to use Zeta Test in your projects.

The optimal way in which to use this manual is to work with Zeta Test running on your workstation; this will allow you to retrace the steps on your own.