Zeta Test Management Online documentation

Further options


The menu item "Find" in the "Edit" main menu opens the "Find" dialog window which allows you to run a full-text search in your project.

You can directly navigate to the element in the main window’s structure view by double-clicking it or clicking on it and then clicking on the "Go to" button.

Please note:
The search result my only show you a subset of the actual results, depending on your permission on certain elements.

Integrating external applications

You can add shortcuts to external application in the "Extras" menu. These shortcuts are available to all users of a project.

Migrate database to Microsoft SQL Server

By default, Zeta Test uses a VistaDB database to store your project information.

For performance and scalability reasons it may be necessary to use a Microsoft SQL Server database instead of the VistaDB database.

Zeta Test supports you in migrating from VistaDB to Microsoft SQL Server (and vice versa) with a powerful integrated wizard.

To start the wizard, select main menu "Project", menu item "Advanced", then sub menu item "Move a project from/to Microsoft SQL Server".

Please note:
The menu item is only available if no project is currently loaded. Therefore close any open project before.

The wizard starts and guides you through the process of moving. You can migrate in both directions, from VistaDB to Microsoft SQL Server as well as from Microsoft SQL Server to VistaDB.