Zeta Test Management Online documentation

Application options

The application options differ from the project settings that are valid for all users of one project and from the personal project settings that are valid for one user of one project, inasmuch as they are independent of a project and are valid for all projects.

By default, the application options are stored per workstation and per user so that each user can configure his or her options independently of other users.

By using the application configuration file "zetatest-core.exe.config" in the applications folder, you control where the program options are stored. By using this mechanism you can for example arrange for a user to always get the same application options, no matter from which workstation he or she logs in.

Defining the storage location

Please note:
You should perform the steps described here only if you have the appropriate administrative knowledge and have experience in working with XML files.

To define the storage location, follow these steps:

  1. Open the application configuration file of Zeta Test named "zetatest-core.exe.config" located in the application’s installation folder with a text editor, e.g. the Windows editor "Notepad".
  2. Below the XML element "configuration/appSettings" insert the following entry:<add key= "alternativeSettingsFolderPath" value="PathToOptionsFolder" />
  3. Restart Zeta Test

"PathToOptionsFolder" is the relative or absolute path to the desired folder. Or you can use placeholders. An example would be: "$(SpecialFolder.ExecutingAssembly)\..\Settings\".

Please note:
A complete list of supported "appSettings" entries is available from within Zeta Test. See how to show the list.