Zeta Test Management Online documentation

The main window

The main window of Zeta Test is separated into two areas: The structure view and the content area.

Structure view

The structure view is located on the left side of the main window, being rendered as a tree that lists all elements of a test project.

Please note:
Depending on the filter and project settings as well as the permissions of the user logged in, some elements may not show up in the structure view.

The structure view lists all elements of a project as well the appropriate editing options.

To show the editing options of an element in the structure view, simply right-click on that element. Depending on the type of element, different entries are listed in the context menu which appears.

Content area

The content area consists of multiple tabs (depending on the context) and is shown in the right area of the main window.

The content area displays different content depending on the element selected in the structure view,.

Usually, the content area has an "Overview" tab that shows general information about the element currently selected in the structure view. Depending on the context there is also a "Details" tab with further details as well as a "Tabular" tab that displays cumulated data in a table format.

"Overview" tab

The tab "Overview" contains the most important information of the element currently selected in the structure view.

"Tabular" tab

The tab "Tabular" displays a cumulated summary of test results and enables project managers to get a quick overview of the state of a project regarding quality and progress.

The content of the tabular table is exportable as a Microsoft Office Excel document and enables you to further evaluate the results. There is no need to have an installed Microsoft Office Excel on your computer for the export to work.