Zeta Test Management Online documentation

Command line arguments

You can call Zeta Test Management (either "zetatest.exe” or directly "zetatest-core.exe”) with command line arguments.

This enables you to e.g. use Zeta Test Management within automatic batch scripts or to change certain default values when the application starts.

Language of the user interface

You can select the graphical user interface either in English or German.

Zeta Test Management automatically selects the language in accordance with the language of your operating system.

If you would like to change the language manually (e.g. if you are working with a German operating system but wish to work with Zeta Test Management in English), simply enter the following command line parameter:

-language=<Language abbreviation>

The following abbreviations, each three letters long, are currently supported:

  • EN: English
  • DE: German

A valid input to start Zeta Test Management in English would be:

C:\Program Files\Zeta Test\Applications\zetatest.exe" -language=en

Importing from Active Directory


-importad <Import configuration to execute>


Imports users and groups with the specified import configuration from the Active Directory (AD).