Zeta Test Management Online documentation

Test run

A Test run defines the steps that have been carried out within a test plan by a certain test user. A test run is grouped within a test environment.

Test runs can be started by testing users themselves selecting a test plan they have permissions for and then selecting the "Start new test run" command.

The test run contains all test units and test cases that are assigned to the test plan.

The testing user works off the planned test cases (step-by-step or in random order). Each step carried out will be automatically stored as a performed test case together with the text that the testing user entered (and optional attachments), together with a test result.

Testing users are able to interrupt a test run at any time and continue it later. In addition, other testing users with the appropriate permissions are able to continue the test run for their colleagues. This is useful if a testing user becomes ill or cannot continue and finish the test run for other reasons.

A test run can be closed if a test result exists for each planned test case.

The sum of the test results (traffic light colors) of all test cases performed will be used as the single cumulated result of the test run.

Please note:
Only the cumulated test results (traffic light colors) of the most recent test run finished will be propagated as the single cumulated test result of the test run.